Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Super hero, Birthday Baby

I've got lots of photos to post (about four months worth), but my sweet mother-in-law asked for a shot of Rose. So, here we are. My little super-hero opening a birthday present on (the day after) her big day.

Priscilla Rose turned one on Easter. There's something pretty neat about that. What's more neat is that suddenly my baby isn't a baby anymore. In the two weeks that have passed since April 12th, she's become more vocal. She clearly says, "yeth" when she's affirming something & is figuring out how to say "no." "Nana" is her favorite fruit and she is very emphatic when she tries to grab one from the fruit bowl. She laughs at Cami & Graham, yells with urgency when she wants a drink, & has figured out how to climb stairs.

She still doesn't walk, but that's just a matter of time. She's much more controlled in her balance. She's determined when she stands & deliberate when she lowers herself back to the floor.

Rose loves with an open heart & helps us all be happier. She's flown away with our hearts.


Tricia said...

K, I seriously thought that was Graham at first. They look so much alike to me! Happy birthday baby girl!

Grandma Jeanne said...

Thank you, Starr, for the picture! She has grown up so fast!

Marie said...

What a sweet flower Rose is. Happy First Birthday!

joycie said...

OH My Gosh! She is so beautiful! I can't believe it has already been a year! Oh How I would just love to kiss those little cheeks all up! Ok, since I cna't be there can you do it for me?
I Love you Guys!
Happy birthday Rose!

Ellen Fehr said...

What a heart-stopper! Thanks for the picture and the post Starr. Sure wish I could be there to be love-struck in person:)

Love Lorri said...

Starr I have to say I agree with Tricia, I thought it was Graham! I really enjoyed your post! Even though she was so young when you left, It made me feel some how like your just down the s treet!
miss ya