Sunday, April 19, 2009

Scariest Thing I've Heard This Year

I overheard the following conversation at the park yesterday.

Girl to friend, "I think she is."

Friend, "Yeah, me, too."

(to Cami) "Where are you from?"

Cami, "America."

"Really? Are you here on holiday? It isn't very nice here. It rains a lot more than in America."

Cami, "No, I live here."

First girl, "Where?"

Cami, "In Horsforth."

First Girl, "You are lucky you're from America. That's where Britney Spears is from."

(I'm so glad Cami didn't know who the girl was talking about.)


The Glove said...


emily said...

oh wow....of all the

Chrislynn said...

That is scary! Luckily Cami is too cool to know who she is.

Marie said...

That is too scary Starr!! It's a shame that so many young girls identify with that awful image. I'm impressed that Cami didn't know who she was!!