Sunday, November 9, 2008

Color Blind

I wish we had a scanner that worked -- of course not as much as I want a new camera. But I'd love to share the picture that Cami showed me this morning. It's an image she's been working on for a couple of days.

I suppose Jason's & my interest in the presidential election has rubbed off on Cami, because she keeps asking questions about the life of the President. She knows the names Obama and McCain, she's seen photos of the White House, and she recognizes photos of President-Elect Obama. I think the fact that Senator and Mrs. Obama have daughters not much older than she is makes her feel very connected in a little girl, I-could-play-with-them manner.

Or perhaps Cami & the Obama girls could draw together. I'd like to see how they depict our family, because Cami's picture shows the Obama family in a beautifully color-blind (and politically-blind) fashion: their family is red & blue.

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celine said...

you can take pictures of pictures with your camera -- scanner be gone :)

good show with the red and blue obama family.