Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Do as I Tell You

When I was little, I had an uncanny memory for going places. If I'd been there once, I could give directions on how to return. My parents would use me as a pre-Computer Age GPS.

Cami spent most of Saturday playing at a friend's house. When I opened the door, the first thing I heard was, "She is amazing!" I'm never quite sure what to expect next when I hear those words. This time it was good. The mom explained, "I've never been anywhere near here & she told me exactly where to go. Turn right, turn left, go around the corner. . . ."

I'm sure Cami loved it: an adult who recognized her as an authority figure.


emily said...

I wish I had that skill. I end up calling my mom so she can tell me how get home!

Jen said...

I love it when someone can see one of your children's unique gifts- that child feels so important!

Marie said...

I'm a bit like that as well Starr! I have an terrible fear of getting lost and yet I have the best sense of direction out of anyone I know and I never forget how to get some place. However, having said that I always get us lost going to the Temple...the adversary probably has something to do with that. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your lovely family on your very first holiday over here in the UK. (((hugs)))