Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Driving away Fear

As Americans there are certain social markers that we hold. A big one: the car.

I remember talking to friends from really rural areas while attending college. Some of them told me that there were people they knew who owned cars that cost more than their homes. That was such a foreign thought to me: that one would make a substantial financial commitment to a tool that automatically depreciates.

When we decided to move to England, we decided not to buy a car. First of all, there's the financial commitment issue. And cars that can hold three car seats are not as readily available here as they are in the States. But much more than that is my fear of driving on the left side of the road while sitting in the right front seat.

Today, I faced the fear. Not for long, mind you. I just drove around the parking lot while a friend (the van's owner) ran into a shop. I never got beyond first gear. But I have now done it. It's a start. . . but we still won't buy a car any time soon.


Tricia said...

Good for you! And don't feel badly. The very first time I took our car out in England, I made a right hand turn, hit the curb, and popped the tire /tyre.

Chrislynn said...

The thought of driving there certainly inspires fear. Baby steps, baby steps.

emily said...

Props to you!! I have enough trouble with the right side of the road, I'll leave the left side driving to those with wicked awesome driving skills!!

Jen said...

That is the great thing about England- you really don't need one as much. I can't imagine driving there!

Marie said...

Starr, it took me a long time to get enough courage to drive over here. I still don't drive very much. It's all just so un-familiar...a bit like driving in a mirror. I have always hated driving a manual. I much prefer automatic. I do have to drive for work and do it when I must, but I still don't like it!!! No worries about the cards my dear. I totally understand! We're crunching too! ((((hugs))))