Sunday, November 9, 2008

Three Cheers for Remembrance Sunday

11 November will be Remembrance Day -- Veterans' Day in the States. But in England the Sunday closest to the 11th is set apart as Remembrance Sunday. Some of the observances included a parade that we stumbled into during our Sunday walk, two minutes of silence to remember those who have served their country, and special talks given in church.

The two minutes of silence can seem eternal when trying to keep a 6 month and three year old quiet. But it was good for me. I thought about my dad who received a military funeral and was buried in Jefferson Barracks Cemetery last month.

Apparently, Cami's been thinking, too. She asked me tonight, "How old was Grandpa when he died."


"How old are you, Mom?"


She delightedly gave me two thumbs up (literally) as she exclaimed, "Yea! It'll be a long time until you die!"

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