Thursday, July 9, 2009

Faith Preceeds the Miracle(s)

Jason and I are taking steps to live within a budget and save a bit. Not the 10% savings plan that would happen in the ideal world, but something is better than nothing. With our financial lives divided between two continents & the exchange rate always in flux, it can get stressful. But as an act of faith, Jason finally opened a savings account here in England.

And then the blessings started to appear. I won a generous Abel & Cole organic fruit & veg box from Marie's blog contest. A friend gave me a bunch of fresh-picked lettuce, rosemary, & chard from her garden. Neighbors are sharing gardening seeds & seedlings which should produce yummies for us in the next few weeks.

We often have groceries delivered & Waitrose has been running a special discount on deliveries for the past six weeks or so. The more you use the service, the greater the discount on your delivery: 1st order saves 5 pounds, 2nd saves 10, 3rd saves 15. But something went funny with the computer system & my first order wasn't tracked. So my first two orders received the 5 pounds discount. By the end of the month, I'll have saved 35 pounds instead of the promoted 30.

Today's delivery came with a bonus: a double-pack of Kleenex. (Actual Kleenex, not Puffs or a generic.) When I called the customer service line to let them know, a friendly rep reviewed my order & let me know that I was welcome to keep & use them "with our compliments." We aren't needing them this minute, but I suspect that we'll find a use for them in the next few weeks. When we act in faith, our needs get met -- we're living better on less.

And we're seeing & remembering the blessings as they come. I'm going to keep my eyes open for more.


emily said...

Thank you Starr for that wonderful example of faith and miracles in your life!! Thanks for the spiritual boost!

Marie said...

I was so happy to know that the veggie box was so welcome by you Starr and I was thrilled when your name came up as the winner! Everything is getting so expensive now, first petrol and now food . . . one wonders where it will stop. Thank goodness for the Gospel which tells us the whole story so that we need never fear and for our faith that helps us to keep putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward!