Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Walking to the Car

Graham: Mommy, is Baby Rose in the car?

Me: No, she's sleeping in her crib. Daddy is at home working in the kitchen.

Graham: What is he making?

Me: Philosophy.

Graham: I don't wike phi-wo-so-phy.

Me: What do you like?

Graham: I wike apple pie.


Chrislynn said...

Graham has the right idea, I think I would choose apple pie over philosophy, too.

Cin said...

I'm impressed that Jason can "make" philosophy. That's at least twice as hard as simply studying it.

Jason said...

The trick is to measure the ingredients by weight, not volume. A single cup of Tractarian Wittgenstein can be anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 a pound of logical atomism, depending on how tightly it's packed.

Nathan said...

High density can create problems. What do you use for leaven? I always have problems getting the blasted stuff to rise. Certain flavors of Kierkegaard have atomic numbers in the high 90s.

Ellen Fehr said...

I love it! Even though I don't understand much of what you two phi-wo-so-phers wrote!