Sunday, July 26, 2009

It Takes a Village. . . or Shopping

Jason will leave for the States on Friday, so I'm beginning to feel the "You are abandoning me!" stress. I give him all the guilt before he leaves & then end up generally having a pretty good week with the munchkins. (Which I do recognize is completely unfair to Jason.)

I learned when Cami was just a baby that it helps to have friends over for dinner most nights. Now that I'm completely outnumbered by the under-seven crew, it's absolutely necessary to have a daily excursion and a week's worth of suppers planned out before Jason goes. Otherwise, I would never survive.

This trip is a little bit different, because we've had a special house guest popping in-and-out for the past two weeks. Jason's elder sister Cindy is in the UK (she left our place this morning to spend the next few days in Wales) and will pop back in about 12 hours after Jason catches his flight. She's volunteered to be my built-in helper for a few days, for which I am most grateful (both to her & Nathan for extending his much-longer run of single parenthood). As she was talking to Cami this morning, Cindy said, "When I come back, we can do fun stuff together."

To which Cami replied, "Can we go to IKEA!?!"


rushton family archives said...

Cami is my kind of girl!

Marie said...

Just think of all the American treats your husband can bring back to you!! Can you believe I have never been to an Ikea? I know, what rock have I been hiding under???