Saturday, July 11, 2009

Yan Tan Tethera

The way to count sheep in a field: Yan Tan Tethera.

It's Scots for one, two, three. It could also serve to introduce a waltz. Not that there was waltzing going on at the White Rose Festival of Scottish Dancing. There were more than 300 dancers enjoying a day outdoors in stunning, oh-I-want-to-live-there Harewood.

I didn't embarrass myself too badly. I hadn't realized how hard it would be to dance in a field -- more friction, less bounce.

I wonder if Cami & I were the only Americans to don Scottish dresses today. I certainly didn't expect to see at least three dancers of Asian ancestry (I'm a bit ashamed about this). It was pretty cool.


Grandma Jeanne said...

How fun! It looks like it was a gorgeous day, and the two of you look so pretty! Thanks for the pictures!

Marie said...

What pretty pictures! I just love this United Kingdom with all of it's various cultures and traditions!

Tricia said...

You and Cami look beautiful! I can tell England agrees with you. :)