Friday, July 31, 2009

What a Year

We moved out of our house in New Jersey one year ago today. We'd spent the previous night eating pizza & enjoying the company of our neighbors. Donner Family, Tim & Lesley, Sideris Family -- we miss you!

Our departure from New Jersey was a mad dash to the airport when our scheduled limo driver didn't show up. Thanks to the goodness of Southwest Airlines and lots of desperate praying, we didn't miss our flight. . .but it was close.

We'd spent the first week of August in Missouri with my family. And then a very long flight (with a wonderful layover with Erika in Chicago) to England.

August 6th will make it a year in England. So much growing: Cami began school, Graham began school, Rose began to walk & talk. Jason has had a full year of being employed & has had some really great things happen professionally. Out of everybody in our family, I'm pretty sure I'm the one whose life has changed the least in the last 365 days. I suspect that that's because no matter where I happen to be living, I'm the one living it. But, if I have to pick a spot to be living my life in, West Yorkshire deserves top billing.

Just like one year ago today, Jason is on a plane. His flight just touched down in Seattle. He's spending a couple days with his family and then spending a few more days with his friends at a conference. We miss him. But on August 7th, his plane with land here in Leeds & we'll embark on the next year of adventures together.

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Marie said...

Wow, Starr! It doesn't seem possible that you have been here a year already! I am so glad that you have enjoyed your first year and here's to many more happy memories in the second year! I know how you feel. When I was married before, my ex was in the military, and we moved 16 times in 22 years. Each move got harder and harder for me, coz we started leaving children behind as they didn't want to move again. It always seemed so much easier for everyone else in the family. My ex had his job and fellow employees to befriend, my kids had school and new friends there. I had the house, and them, and it was always a while before I felt really settled. I spent a lot of the time feeling quite lonely and isolated. Happy to say I don't feel like that anymore. I think when you are a member of the church you have built in friends wherever you go!