Saturday, August 1, 2009

Score: Graham 2 Cami 1

Jason's out of town, but his sister Cindy is here helping me for the next two days. Since Cindy is a medieval scholar and we are in England, there are places to visit that are relevant to her professional pursuits & are interesting to the kids. So, today we went to Skipton Castle -- a good place to spend a rainy day. Although we "natives" had been to the castle before, today we stumbled on a bit of luck which made the castle even more interesting. There was a group of historical re-enactors giving us a glimpse of castle life in the Elizabethan period. I didn't get to spend much time with him, but I was fascinated by the letter-writing actor with all his quills, pens, & seals. And he kindly gave Cami an authentic quill which she used with my dipping ink this afternoon.

Graham won a blog point when he stole the water bottle & declared, "I want to fill up the bird bath." The "bird bath" was the christening font in the ruin of a medieval church.

Then Cami demanded to be included on a post for saying something funny. She got her wish about 20 minutes later when she begged me to expand her budget at the gift shop. "Mom, it's a real fake crown!"

On the drive home, though, Graham pulled ahead in the score. I asked Cami if she is English or American. "English." Then I asked Graham & he responded, "Both."


Ellen Fehr said...

Go, Graham!!!

John said...

I am married to a "both" kinda guy!

pve design said...

oops - I left the last comment w/o realizing that my son was on this computer and had not signed out.
It was me, pve! :)

Marie said...

One thing I love most over here is all the history. This country just oozes with it!! Way to go Graham. Have your kids started to pick up English accents?