Friday, August 7, 2009

Return of the "Native"

When I was in high school, I read Thomas Hardy's Return of the Native. During a class discussion, the teacher pointed out that the novel takes place over a year and a day. He then asked why that was significant. I responded that if the novel had concluded in a single year, it would have been "too perfect."

Jason returned home to a land not-so-far from Egdon Heath this evening. He'd been in the States for the past week, visiting family & attending a philosophy conference. Returning today kept our reunion from being too perfect: tomorrow, 08/08/09 is our 8th wedding anniversary.

Welcome home, husband o' mine.


Sarah said...

So glad for you that Jason is home!

Happy Anniversary tomorrow!

(And, on funny anniversary dates, John and I were married on 6/6/00 so we celebrated our sixth anniversary on 06/06/06.)

Love Lorri said...

Happy Anniversary! No funny anniversary dates for me just a lot of years that went way too fast! Hope your day is a happy one!