Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blasting Bovine

Cami pumped her arms in the air with joy on learning the following conversation earned her a blog point:

Cami: "How long will it take us to get there?'

Me: "About 90 minutes."

Cami: "90 minutes! That's longer than it takes for a cow to walk from Otley to Missouri!"


Cin said...

That had BOTH Nathan and me in stitches! Why would a Yorkshire cow want to go to the midwest, anyway?

Grandma Jeanne said...

And how would said cow get across the ocean?

Starr said...

I personally wanting to meet the cow that cuts down the 8-ish hour trans-Atlantic flight time, especially if one can buy tickets.

Love Lorri said...

Hey Starr, which trader joes did you go to when you were here? I have yet to go and I am DYING to try!

Jen said...

How are you my friend- sorry it has been so long. I love catching up on your blog. Cami is hilarious.