Sunday, August 9, 2009

Taking a Poll

I started another blog. I call it the Writer's Notebook after the spiral-bound that all advanced composition students were supposed to carry when I was an undergrad. I never did keep such a book. But a few months ago, I felt it was time to start putting on virtual "paper" the images in my head.

Most of the entries are of interesting people I've seen on the street. Or of unique things I've heard. And a couple entries are transcriptions of hand-written notes I've taken while attending a lecture or of good pieces of advice.

Is anybody interested in me making it public? Anybody want to join me in creating an electronic writing club?


Ben Millett said...

I would be interested in reading your Writer's Notebook, if you decide to share it. Don't think I'm up for a writing club, though.

Tricia said...

I would love to read it!

You might enjoy this blog from someone in my ward:

Ellen Fehr said...

Yes!! I might even have a few things to add:)

Marie said...

I would love to read your notebook, and the idea of a writer's club sounds wonderful to me. I think I'd be up for that!