Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shopping Advice

I'm a kitchen accessories addict. I loving finding nifty dishes, tools. But I had to leave many things behind on our move across the Atlantic, so I haven't indulged in my habit for more than 18 months. But I killed our Olive Garden -style cheese shredder. I've used that for cheese & for shredding potatoes & zucchini (the zucchini was the murder weapon). But now I have no way of shredding things. I suppose I could use a box shredder, but it doesn't appeal to me. And I'm not ready to buy another food processor. So, I'm wondering where do I buy the original processor: where to find a food mill?


Christel said...

Just a suggestion, but you could get a mandoline slicer. Ours not only slices (in three different thicknesses) but also as stated on the box (and we have used it for this purpose) shreds, grates, zests and cuts including decorative cuts such as julienne and shoestring. It's much simpler to use and not as hard on the hands as a box shredder, I'm not a fan of those either!

I know I'm late in the well wishes, but happy anniversary to you and Jason and please relay to Graham my hope that he had a fabulous 4th birthday!

Marie said...

Wish I could help but I can't! I just use a box shredder.