Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Before I Forget

The last time Cami had her own bathroom, she wasn't yet toilet trained. We haven't had a two-bathroom house since we moved from Florida five years ago. It creates some interesting situations. Take this morning, for example. Jason was in the shower & Cami started pounding on the bathroom door.

Jason (yelling over the sound of the shower): Who is it?

Cami: It's Cami.

Jason: What do you need?

Cami: I need in. I'm desperate to brush my teeth.

Jason: Needing to use the toilet is desperate. You can wait to brush your teeth.


Jason said...

Actually, I think the first thing I said was an incredulous "You're desperate to brush your teeth?"

Quincy Sorensen said...

Hello, Starr! What a fun connection you made . . . it really is a small world! It made Jeannie so happy when I passed on the news, and I love that we both know Lynnea and family (Lynnea has been the pre-school teacher for both of my older girls; we adore her!). I love reading your snippets of life in England. I am enthralled and will keep coming back for more! Thank you so much for letting me know! Hooray! :)

Cin said...

Hey, there are some morning that I AM desperate to brush my teeth. But somehow I don't think that was her issue...