Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cheese, Gromit, Cheese!

Do any of you like Wensleydale? I can finally say I do. Both the cheese & the place.

(Not much to look at, is it? Although as far as factory sites go, that barn adds a lot of charm.)

(A view of Hawes.)

Last Saturday we had good intentions of going to the Valley of Desolation (again), but it was closed for the grouse hunters (again). So, we made a call & found out that the Wensleydale Cheese Factory was in production & we drove the extra hour to Hawes in North Yorkshire. The museum was filled with fun artifacts, but the best part for me was watching (and explaining to the kids) the production process. The year I spent working at the WSU Creamery in the direct marketing department came in handy. I gave the kids a play-by-play as we watched the milk being churned, cheddared (that's a technical term), and chopped before pressing. They put that into the "Mom knows all sorts of stuff" category, but an eavesdropper enjoyed my knowledge -- another mom there with her kids. I'm glad somebody thought I had something interesting to share.

Factory tours & cheese-artifact museums can hold one's attention for only so long, so we started to head home, but got sucked in by this river 1/2 mile out of Hawes.


Anonymous said...

But I thought you didn't like Wallace & Gromit. Or was that Christel? Or have I lost it entirely?

Starr said...

Ben, it's me. I still don't like clay-mation, but Wallace & Gromit has grown on me.

rushton family archives said...

Beautiful pictures! You guys are such an adventurous family.

Lynnea said...

We all love Wallace and Gromit--and cheese. Our fun is going to Fresh Market and choosing a different kind of cheese--like baby cheddar. Not quite the same, but fun.

Anonymous said...

I love that you and your family take advantage of everything around you to learn and experience new things and enrich your lives, :-). And I had no idea you knew so much about cheese! This makes me happy, as I love cheese.


Nathan said...

So bitter.

I love Wensleydale. When it's not on the other side of the ocean, that is.