Sunday, September 13, 2009

But Will We Come Back?

Thursday, 13 August 2009

I posted photos from the Kettlewell Scarecrow Walk a few weeks ago, but didn't report on the rest of the day. Jason got out the map & we went on a spontaneous drive up to Bolton Castle.

Frankly, we were already overdrawn for the month & shouldn't have spent the 18 pounds to tour the castle. But I'm a believer that you can't really afford to miss out on cool opportunities. When we debated the pros & cons, the tipping point was when we considered if we'd be able to return anytime soon. There are only two things I regret not buying. There are many experiences I should have afforded. I'm glad we didn't miss this one.

(Views from the roof. Jason went up first with Graham & called to me that there was something I had to see. The camera batteries were dying & I almost didn't these shots. So glad I did.)

The ground floor. Just to the right of Graham is the entrance to the main courtyard.

The kitchens & bakery.

The mill stone. Cami was fascinated to learn that this is how flour was made. She used to help me use our wheat grinder, but the concept of oxen moving this huge rock was mind boggling.

Just to show I was there too.

Through the gate in the fence is the formal gardens. Cami's favorite part of Bolton Castle was playing in the maze. It was a totally different experience for her than for me. She couldn't see over the hedges, while the path was clear to me. I think she had a lot more fun as a result.

In the upper levels, in a dining room, I believe. I'm inspired by the stark simplicity -- medieval modernism.

There's something pause-worthy, even when chasing children, about walking into Mary, Queen of Scots, bedroom.


Jeanne said...

What a very awesome set of pictures & memories, Starr! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Wow, amazing photos! Thanks for sharing!


Cin said...

Cool! Can we go back, Mom? :)
Seriously, that looks at least as cool as the Welsh Edwardian castles (and those don't have fun mazes). And the views were amazing. I'm just glad that Graham didn't go plummeting off the top of a tower or something.

pve design said...

I would have never left.

Marie said...

Starr, don't you just love the history over here and the castles. I never tire of going through them and I always find myself wondering about the people that used to live in them. I am a great history buff and I could go and see them over and over again. I'm so glad that you enjoyed your visit to Bolton. It is on my list of castles yet to see!