Saturday, September 12, 2009

Vintage Rose

I love vintage clothes. My favorite outfit is a 1940s suit I bought in Brooklyn four years ago. In July, my sister-in-law Cindy brought a bunch of darling clothes with her that were made by various relatives for babies which now are adults. Rose gets compliments on how cute she looks in general, but I think she looked like a baby model today.

Rose found this doll & wandered around loving it. Even my baby girl pretends she's a mommy.


Sarah said...

She is adorable! While I was visiting my mom this summer she kept dressing Jane in these dresses that I wore when I was little, like the smocked kind, and Polly Flinders and all that. Just a different look, but so fun.

Jeanne said...

So cute! Are those the shoes I sent or are they some out-grown of Cami's?

Starr said...

Ah, the sparklies. Jeanne, those are actually Graham's red sparklies. When he was about Rose's size, he kept stealing Cami's, so I got him a pair. As soon as he had his own, he stopped wearing them. So, I had a brand-new pair in storage for Rose.

The red shoes you sent for her are adorable. In fact, she was wearing them to the surgery (doctor's office) the other day & the receptionist left her desk so she could admire them up close. Funnily enough, that shade of red is really trendy in kids' shoes here. The local kids' boutique which just opened has a bunch of shoes in that color in their window right now.