Sunday, September 13, 2009

High Contrast

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Returning from Hawes, we drove over the moors of North Yorkshire into West Yorkshire. Moors are essentially ancient ecological disasters. They were forests that were deforested & then over-farmed. They are bleak, wind-swept, desolate. Jason commented that it was necessary for us to see them on a rainy, dreary day. On a sunny, bright day you couldn't appreciate them properly.

The drive through the moors is steep. Three cyclists won my admiration for biking up a mountain that I wasn't sure our car would top. I wish I'd had a hand free for photos, but I was driving. But we stopped at this point, because Cami wanted to "touch the clouds."

On our way back to Leeds, we stopped by our friends' house to pick up veggies from their allotment. We ended up staying for hours, which included a walk past Kirkstall Abbey as the sun was setting.

And a walk back at twilight.

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Marie said...

I love the Yorkshire Dales and Moors. There is nothing else like them on earth and nothing that tugs on my heart more. I have no idea why, coz the moors are rather desolate and wild, but still they touch me.