Sunday, March 9, 2008

Chocolate chip cookies for breakfast is a sure sign I'm depressed

For a really amazing reason, we didn't have Family Home Evening on Monday. It showed all week long. So, by Friday night, we were not a happy crew. Jason made pizza for supper which Cami declared "yucky" and which burned Graham's mouth. We all ended up crying or angry.

So, even though it was yet again past the kids' bedtime, we decided to have FHE right then. And I knew exactly what we needed to talk about: the Word of Wisdom. Cami knows all the "don't eat/drink that" rules and will comment when she knows that an adult is drinking a coffee. (I am both proud & embarrassed when then happens.) But we hadn't talked about the "these are the things to make the priority of your diet" items, at least not recently.

Nor had we been eating that way. I'd spent a chunk of Friday afternoon drowning my sorrows in Jelly Bellies. Graham was asking for "i ceam" for breakfast, snacks, and supper. And Cami was following suit, although she accepted that we'd eaten all the ice cream in the house & was demanding Sprite.

So, we had a five minute FHE lesson about how fruits & veggies are the best things for our bodies. About how they are the best snacks, along with breads and other grains. . .as long as they haven't been processed beyond recognition or loaded with "Nuke-a-tella" (I love it when Cami mispronounces that). And how meats help our bodies grow, but shouldn't be eaten exclusively.

I cut up some pears, apples, and carrots, which we munched on during the lesson & I could feel the positive effect of good food on myself & see it in the kids. We all went to bed feeling better about the world & each other. Early (for normal people -- late for us) Saturday morning we all went to the grocery store & when we left, Cami asked what good foods we had gotten. She's asking for fruits for snacks and hasn't even asked if I bought more ice cream when we were at the store.

Things aren't back to their mostly-happy status (I blame sleep deprivation), but they are on the upswing. Now I just have to figure out supper & get the kids to bed.


Chrislynn said...

It's funny how little things make such HUGE differences in kids lives. What a great FHE idea.

celine said...

I think Pete and I will discuss this same thing tonight. We definitely find food as a comfort here - especialy when it reminds us of home. We work out quite a bit, but if we can't get into a good workout routine, food becomes our source of normalcy (you know - doritos, chocolate, nesquik, coke). so - we are either in great habits or horrible habits. hopefully we can gain some balance.

Starr said...

Celine, what did you do for your most recent FHE? I need an idea for tonight. :)

Kristin said...

Way to go, Starr. I needed that reminder, too.