Monday, March 10, 2008

That just spilled right out there, sir

My kids are having trouble with apple juice lately. Cami, who has been pouring out liquids for at least three years, insisted on pouring her own juice on Saturday. I don't think she could see how much she was pouring, though, because when the cup hit brimful, she just kept going. As a puddle spread across the floor, she uttered the first intentional "swear" word of her life, "SNAP!"

Graham's approach is slightly more deliberate. When he drinks his fill, he turns a cup over & empties it out onto the floor (which makes me grateful we have a carpet steamer -- which we keep in the dining room). Tonight, Cami's supper time juice wasn't taken to the kitchen when the meal was done, so he took it upon himself to empty it, both down his throat & onto the floor. All I could say was, "You can't even pretend that was an accident" when I heard his softly muttered, "Whoops!"

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celine said...

sometimes i cannot help but think things like this are so funny. calvin loves dumping things onto the floor. i like to think of him as a scientist testing the effect gravity has on liquids.