Monday, March 31, 2008

My Girly Girl

Cami has inherited (from me) the inability to properly moisturize her hands. So, I took her to a nail salon this morning to get a professional to tell her how important it is to care for her skin. She loves getting her nails painted at home, but having a professional manicure was a completely new experience. I think she was a little awed, because she was pretty quiet.

I'm impressed with my girl: instead of requesting six different colors of polish, she picked out a tastefully pale, milky pink. But her favorite part is the little flower stickers that the manicurist added to the mix (thankfully, only one flower per hand). And now, if my objective is met, she'll actually do what I ask when I tell it's time for lotion.


celine said...

I hope I have a girl someday so I can make her go to the manicurist too. I don't even like getting my nails done - but how cute she probably was.

Kristin said...

Cami is a lucky little girl to have a mom that is so into her.