Friday, March 7, 2008

The clothes make the baby?

I realize I posted about thirty minutes ago, but that was because I promised myself this morning that I'd do a cute-kid post. Now it's time for me to get express the utter frustration I have going baby girl clothes shopping.

Other people relish the experience, I know. "Oh, look how cute this is!" "Look how tiny!" "See that sweet little outfit!" etc.

My problem, I realize is two-fold. Maybe it's a tri-fold. (My mother would get that joke.) Problem #1. I don't like really "bright" colors or busy patterns. I walked into Gymboree this morning and felt like I'd walked into Oz. Problem #2. I like boys clothes better than girls. Give me a soft blue over just about anything and I'm happy. Problem #3. (See, it is a tri-fold) The girls' clothes I find tasteful are really expensive. I have difficulty spending money on baby clothes that I know are going to be spit up on twenty seconds after they are put on and grown out of a month after birth. And since we're moving across the ocean to a different climate, I don't feel it's wise buy clothes for next winter (the tasteful items that are actually affordable) and then pay to transport them.

All of this leaves me with one choice: Nearly New. I found great stuff for Graham there & I can pray that their selection of baby girl clothes will match what I found in the boys' section two years ago. Now the trick is going there sans kids. Wish me luck.


Tricia said...

I'm a big fan of the baby clothes at Mothercare and Marks & Spencer in England. In fact, most of the clothes that I reused on Bella from Courtney came from M&S.

I'm jealous. You're gonna love it.

Kristin said...

Where is Nearly New? If I know you, it's the best kept secret of New Jersey.

Starr said...

Kristin, Jason suggested I answer you in comment form, rather than via email, because other NJ residents might want to know, too.

Nearly New is the consignment shop in Princeton that Crystal recommended to you (but I took her there first). It raises funds for the Princeton Day School & has great second-hand clothes. I'll be headed there later this week, if you want to go.