Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Never, dear one, never

My younger sister is planning to go into the City tomorrow, following a brief visit at my house. Cami, of course, knows that the original plan was to meet Christel at the Statue of Liberty, but that plan had to change. But knowing that Christel is going to New York creates a different level of begging -- because the City is one of Cami's favorite places on the planet. And I'm not sure we've done any adventures there since I became pregnant. So, she's gone through her 9+ month withdrawal and needs a hit of New York High.

While Jason, Cami, and I were discussing reasons for going with Christel versus reasons for staying home, Cami posed an interesting question that Jason immediately suggested I share:

When does New York close?


celine said...

that is a valid question...when does it close?

Chrislynn said...

That Cami is always problem solving.

The Windy City Duo said...

Hmmmm... what happened to my comment?