Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sounds of Spring

Graham and I spent a couple of hours outside today. While he was playing with a neighbor's fishpond, I used a nearby telephone pole as a leaning post. I closed my eyes & just listened. It was weird, because I didn't initially realize I was listening to the world.

But a Saturday morning (Sabbath for many of our neighbors) has far less traffic on the street, far fewer trains running to New York, and far fewer planes on their way to Newark. And I was outside, so there weren't the noises that we create: the radio playing, the computer running, the bread machine stirring. And so I listened to two distinct bird calls. And paid attention to the the wind on my face, as I heard wind chimes ringing. And heard the sounds of Graham splashing. Not a bad way to get outside my head.


celine said...

i remember doing this very same thing on parker ave in hp...there are such nice moments there in what seems to be a "city" but at times can be completely placid. what a great place to live - such a good balance. enjoy!

Kristin said...

When's the last time I "saw" the world with my ears? I'm making time TODAY to do it.