Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Decade Mark

April 1st, 1998. My dear friend Cami (for whom my Cami is named) drove me from Kayesville, Utah, down to Provo. We had every good intention to get through the gates of the Missionary Training Center about an hour-and-an-half (translation: on time) earlier than we actually did.

It was pretty obvious that I was a girl when all "brand new missionaries" were asked to stand & I wasn't wearing a dark suit -- in fact, I was in a light-green brocade dress.

The MTC was tough. And wearing the tag was tough. But I wouldn't have friends from all over the world without having lived with all the other missionaries on Temple Square. I wouldn't feel as confident about moving to England if I didn't know that I can send an email to a friend in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, or Malta & say "Hey, want to get together?" Friends that I haven't seen in eight years (other than photos on the 'Net) won't be so far away -- and that's awesome.

So, even though I often feel that the April Fools' joke was definitely on me, I can look back ten years ago & see the blessings that link to that day.

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Kristin said...

Awww, memories... pretty soon, Starr, you're going to be going back to the MTC, but walking out the other door.