Sunday, April 20, 2008

"Graham earns a blog point"

This one is mostly for the benefit of the Grandmas. . .and, I hope, the rest of you think it's funny, too.

Graham hasn't quite grasped third-person pronouns. He's great on personal pronouns: he'll point to himself and say "Me" and then point to me (or Jason, or Cami, or anybody else he has this conversation with) and say "You." He's got a total grasp of using "I," usually in the context of "I want more apple juice!" But the he/she/it distinction is a bit elusive.

Everyone is a "he." We didn't realize this until this week, though, because Graham always spoke about Cami as "Cami." However, now there are two siblings to talk about. And talk about Baby Rose, he does. "Baby Rose needs to nurse," is the most common thing he says. Unless it's "He needs to nurse."

I kept thinking, maybe he doesn't realize that Rose is a girl. And I would try to correct him. "She needs to nurse, Graham." But, in the hopes of seeing inside his head, today I asked him if Cami is a "he" or a "she." His response earns him a blog point, "He is not a sheep!"

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