Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rose's Life: Day Minus 1

For everybody who would like to know the gory (although I'll spare you most of the gore--Jason delved into that topic on his blog) details, here's the first installment chronicling the past nine days.

Friday, 11 April 2008

I went in for my typical "Yes, I'm overdue, let's have a non-stress test" OB exam. Baby Rose was moving around just fine for about 15 minutes & then stopped. So, Dr. Johnson (who delivered Graham) decided to have an immediate ultrasound, which revealed that Rose's nose is huge (now that I can actually see it, it's just very broad) & I had just a touch too much amniotic fluid. So, when she asked if I had any plans for the weekend & I responded that I'd kept Saturday & Sunday open, she said, "Well, you get to have a baby."

I spent the drive home phoning relevant parties (ie. Jason, my parents, sister, and dear friend Sara) to let them know what the plan was -- and for all those concerned, I had the phone on speaker. Around 2 o'clock, Cami & Graham were safely deposited with Patricia Killpack (who is an angel!) & I was at the hospital. Waiting. The induction drugs weren't administered until around 8 p.m. So, while Jason and I played a board game & watched TV (I'm so glad we don't pay for cable -- there is still nothing on) & slept, my body did the "prepping for a baby" things.

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