Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Boy Toys (for girls, too)

Graham & Cami started watching Thomas the Tank Engine on Youtube recently and now trains are becoming the family obsession. Books from the library, educational websites, and more Youtube videos showing real footage have invaded our lives. Jason even took Cami & Graham to a train museum in Pennsylvania last week & both kids have asked to go back every day since.

What makes me the happiest about all this, though, is that an often-neglected toy has become a huge hit with Graham. For Cami's "fourth Christmas" (she keeps track of things by how old she was) we gave her the IKEA train set. She thought it was fun for about a day & then it's spent most of its life in the playroom being ignored. Until last week. Graham is in love & (amazingly) Cami isn't being possessive about it. My little boy will sit in the kids' room pushing train pieces around the circle & "few the tummel" (translation: through the tunnel) for forty-five minutes at a go.

And so, Jason and the older kids are at IKEA this morning, buying extra track & a few extra train cars. My belief that the simplest toys are the best has been confirmed: now I just hope that the extender pack doesn't ruin it.


celine said...

we have this same one (Ikea is in Turkey) and Calvin shows great affection for it also. He loves flipping the tracks and putting them all together the "right" way -- whatever way he wants them to be.

Chrislynn said...

Two-year-old boys LOVE trains. Train sets are such fun, and I totally agree about simple toys being the best.