Friday, April 4, 2008

I'm Not Nesting. . . Again

I have heard stories of people who are in labor & refuse to admit it because they MUST steam clean their carpets before they go to the hospital. I'm definitely not one of those people. In our family, Jason comes closest, because the weekend before Graham was born we went to IKEA, bought new shelves & a rug for the office/playroom & then Jason transformed the eyesore of the century into a rather respectable & happy room.
However, this time I'm progressing.  Last month I wrote out a list of things that needed to be done before the baby comes & I've done one or two things every week.  I still don't have any sense of urgency, but there's some sense of satisfaction -- and the ex utero munchkins really like jumping around on the crib mattress.
One thing I did promise myself was to learn how to add photos to the blog.  So, below you'll see a picture of Cami making marshmallow crispy treats -- which in the spirit of full disclosure I tried to add & Jason figured out how to actually add.  IF there's a second photo (I'll try to find an amusing one of Graham), I succeeded.  If not, I got frustrated & will try again later.

OK.  So the photo is at the top.  But at least there is one.  And for anybody who cares to know, Graham is passionately attacking my sister Christel. . . I hope she doesn't mind I made this one public.


Patricia said...

Thanks for the photos Starr and keep them coming. Cami, Graham and Priscilla Rose will be frequent visitors in our home via your blog. I still can't believe you guys are moving :-(

Kristin said...

You did it! Photos were tricky for me too, but well worth the effort, huh?
I'm not a nester, either. My house stays as messy as it always is at 9 months.