Thursday, April 10, 2008

Un-Labor Day

Labor Day in the Garden State usually involves hours & hours of drive time going to the beach. Even if it is (under normal circumstances) only about 90 minutes away. We've never tried on the traditional date, but we've seen the lines & taken alternate routes to get home from places like Trader Joe's.

Anyway, knowing that the baby wasn't coming, Jason and I wanted a good adventure with the kids. The Staten Island Ferry had seem good to both of us, but then I suggested the beach. In the almost-four years we've lived here, Jason had never gone with us. So, today was the day. And it was exactly the day I needed. No crowds, the water too cold for even Graham (although before he touched it, he tried to take off his clothes & said "I want to swim"). And with it being the off-season, there were tons of beautiful shells to collect. It was a peaceful, playful day.


Sarah said...

Hooray! That sounds wonderful! I'm so glad your day had something fun (to try to avoid the constant ruminating on Priscilla's arrival).

Chrislynn said...

What a great way to "celebrate" your due date. It looks like it was beautiful.

celine said...

please tell me you went to manasquan (or don't - because i might cry form home sickness) :)