Saturday, April 19, 2008

Christmas in April

Cami is a pretty creative girl. . .she just expects her creativity to be acted upon immediately. But her bedroom was not really fit for habitation, so when she said she wanted to have a Christmas party yesterday, I insisted that a major clean up happen first. Partly because I wasn't sure what this party involved -- thankfully, she didn't intend to have anyone besides our family attend -- and partly because it was just impossible to walk in the kids' room.

Anyway, after making her slave away for hours (not really, because we also took the kids to Colonial Park to enjoy the gorgeous sunshine), we got the room tidied up, finishing around 2 o'clock. Then Jason had the most brilliant idea: Cami could do all the Christmas decorating in her room, rather than taking over the living room. So, she decorated the tree & while I had a nap, Jason, Cami, & Graham enjoyed "Frosties" from Wendys under the Christmas tree -- and then went outside to wash the car.

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