Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rose's Life: Coming Home

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

I practically had to smuggle Rose home. There are rules about patients driving themselves home from the hospital. But I had been discharged the night before, so once the pediatrician had given the ok for her to come home, the nurse cut our wristbands & walked me to the hospital door.

As as soon as I buckled my munchkin into the backseat, she began to cry from hunger and then needed a diaper change. Getting the diapering supplies out of the front seat was a bit tougher than I expected, because I'd locked myself into the backseat of the car -- the child safety locks were on. It was such a relief when I started the car & began to drive.

It's surreal to do something so mundane after a life-changing experience. Jason expressed it well when Cami was first born. He walked around campus thinking of his classmates, "My life has changed so much -- why hasn't yours?" It's not quite the same feeling, when it's baby #3. But I still found myself responding to driving situations with greater caution & a sense of restraint.

Cami was playing in the driveway with a little girl from across the street when I pulled up. As I got Baby Rose out of the car, Cami was so proud to show her friend her sweet sister. She was also disappointed that I wasn't ready for Katie to come inside to play, but she cheered up as she showed me the new crib that she had helped her daddy set up in our room. Miracle of miracles, this crib actually gets used!

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