Thursday, March 26, 2009

Graham's Recession

Graham just climbed onto the sofa next to me & Rose. I noticed that he had his pacifier in his mouth, the very same "paci" he'd thrown in the garbage just two days before & which Jason had rescued for emergency purposes.

"Graham, what is your paci doing in your mouth? I thought you were a big boy now."

"I not a big boy. I a baby. Ga ga."


Marie said...

aww...cute. My mother told me I sucked on a pacifier until I was over 3 years old. I guess I was quite am embarassment to them.

Chrislynn said...

Three-year-olds come up with the funniest things! I laughed out loud. I try that "Are you a baby, or a big boy?" logic with Richie too, and it usually backfires, somehow.