Monday, March 30, 2009

It's a cool, cool summer

I just googled "It's a cool, cool summer," thinking it was by the Bangles.  Wrong  girl band, wrong lyrics.  Apparently, the phrase running through my head should be heard "It's a cruel, cruel summer" and the group is Banarama.  Must be the English accent -- here in Yorkshire the "r" is practically silent.

Anyway, it is a cool, cool summer.  Or, more accurately, British Summer Time.  The clocks did their springtime fling forward yesterday, but it's not known as "daylight savings."  Jason's theory is that summertime must be announced because otherwise no one would realise that the 40-degree highs were significant. 


Grandma Jeanne said...

At least when we change the time, we don't try to fool people into thinking it is summer! :-) We are having 40+ degree highs, too, but it's DEFINITELY not summer. Let's see--the acronym for that would be BST, right?

Cin said...

That's as much summer as you get -- didn't they tell you in the welcome packet? :)

Tricia said...

Wait until it hits 50 and they break out the tank tops and shorts.