Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Anybody thinking I'm a bit mixed up with the calendar? That's what I thought when all the English folk at church started planning the Primary activity/gift for Mother's Day.

So yesterday, I tried making Martha Stewart's easy, yet time consuming recipe for truffles with 13 children. Doesn't work so well when using Cadbury's Milk chocolate -- it has to be better quality.

Nonetheless, I got numerous cards from Cami & Graham (school & church both supplied opportunities), as well as breakfast-in-bed, a card depicting a very pretty dress (which I will never own) & box of good chocolates from Jason.

So, I wonder what will happen on American Mother's Day. Oh, yeah. I'll call my mom.


Anonymous said...

Happy Mothers Day Starr!
Enjoy your day and celebrate Mothers day in America too! WE can all use alittle extra love!

Tricia said...

Happy Mothering Sunday. I think this works out nicely. You get to fully enjoy your day and fully celebrate your own mom on another day.

Marie said...

Mother's Day over here is really wierd for me. My kids all live in North America,and so don't celebrate it at this time (as you know). I feel kind of out of the loop as all the other mother's at church are beaming and enjoying their mother's day celebrations etc. Then on my own Mother's Day, it just doesn't feel the same either, because nobody else is celebrating it. I do get to call my own mom though. I also have to remember to get her card in March because there it's just not possible to get one in May.