Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Well Heeled

I have a love/hate relationship with footwear. I love getting shoes for my kids -- and Cami loves getting them. Bobux began it all. . .the very first shoes Cami would wear became the very first shoes for all my munchkins. Then Cami found the sparkly shoes at Target -- five colors of sparklies (including a pair of athletics) have crossed the ocean to decorate her feet.

Graham loves his wellies. He got his first pair in NJ, but they got lots of compliments from the English, because they had pull-on loops -- a design feature that you don't find here. But those died & he currently wears a pair of English-designed fire engines, complete with flames.

Rose is too little to express opinions about her footwear, but she gets lots of compliments on her koala, strawberry, and bunny-decorated Bobux.

But, there's a hate-half to this relationship. I don't like adult shoes. I take that back. I have shoes from my past that I liked. I cherish the memories of these shoes. But, I wear shoes into the ground and I don't like clothing shopping in general, so replacing shoes is painful. Unfortunately, wearing the Sketchers I bought when we first moved to England is also painful. They are so worn that the soles slope, causing my back to hurt. So, I've made my first foray into the world of on-line shoe shopping.

I bought a pair of Converse through Amazon UK. I thought my odds of getting ones that fit would be pretty good. After all, I've bought Cons before and I know they fit. So I figured out my UK shoe size & ordered a pair. Problem: my UK size-8 Cons are UK size-8 guy Cons. So when Cami came home from school & asked if those were my new "trainers," I told her they were Jason's.


emily said...

I absolutely hate shopping for shoes as well. There are too many to choose from and I am always afraid they will make my feet look big. My last pair took me like a month to pick out and then finally buy!! Best of luck with your shoe woes!

Kristin said...

The older I get, the more shoe shopping becomes a hail-mary experience. My list keeps getting longer and longer of what the shoes have to have (or not have), and the cnances of actually finding them are slimmer and slimmer.

Cin said...

Brave sole! (Yikes! I can hear the groans across the ocean!) Seriously -- save the pennies, leave the kids with Jason some afternoon, and go to York to find yourself a pair of Dr Martins (NOT "Docs" in England, we were told.) Big expense, but they'll last for-ever and then some. You'll never have to shoe shop again. (Of course, breaking them in will be a painful experience too . . .)

I'm a BIG FAN of never having to shoe shop again. (Sandal shopping, now, that's different.)

Ellen Fehr said...

I, on the other hand, have become something of a shoe-aholic! I need a SHOE category in my budget! I "rent" my clothes from local thrift stores, but my shoes are purchased brand-new:)

Sacto Cat Woman said...

It has to be sandals, Easy Spirit Clog tennies, or big ugly shoes by SAS (very much like Doc Martins)or I presume they will simply hurt my feet after a couple of hours if they look decent. I find as I have aged I spend more money for less attractive shoes. I am now almost old enough now to wear sparly shoes like Cami and get away with it. How cool is that?