Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Real Imagination

Thinking Graham was following Cami's lead in having chicken pox for the second time, I've kept him home from nursery (preschool) the past two days. Honestly, I've been enjoying having my little man around so much I wish I didn't have to send him back tomorrow.

He's getting so he really lives inside his imagination. And he often welcomes me into that world. He loves to cook -- when I asked, he said he's "the chef" -- and today there was a fire in his room where we could roast marshmallows. He handed me a "stick" and put on a marshmallow. He explained that there were only two sticks & two marshmallows & then turned to Rose. "Rose, you can't have one, 'cause you are tw-oo little."


Sacto Cat Woman said...

Toasted marshmallows! That sounds really good. He can be my chef any day. This is such a great age and they come up with the neatest things. It is probably a treat for him to just be at home for a day or so and have time to live in that lively imagination.

Ellen Fehr said...

I am glad you enjoyed your extra time with Graham--and I am glad the 2nd case of chicken pox was a false alarm:)