Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Paying for my Pride

In early February I realized that I was nearing my 33rd birthday & I wondered if I could still do the splits. I hadn't tried to do them since Rose was born. In fact the last time I could definitely say I could do them, I was pregnant with Graham. So, I gave it a go & found out that it was still possible, but not as comfortable as when I was still in my twenties.

So, I set a goal: splits without pain by my birthday.

And as soon as the goal was set, I found myself with a head-lice epidemic to fight, chicken pox, and a teething baby. Stretching daily was not big on my mental map, even though it would have been a great stress relief.

Still, I already knew I could do them. So in a weird conversational moment, I mentioned to some of the Primary kids on Sunday that I could. And that was as if I'd just made the most exciting announcement ever: a Primary leader who can do the splits! They insisted on a demonstration and I obliged. And my body has been protesting ever since.

But, I'm now stretching every day.


Nathan said...

And I'm happy if I stretch often enough to grab my toes without cheating...

Grandma Jeanne said...

Congratulations, Starr! I don't know that I ever could do the splits, so I'm sure I can't do them now! Ted was always so impressed when you could put your ankle behind your neck. I could do that *several* years ago, but I'm afraid I can't do it now. May you forever be limber! :-)

Love you!