Monday, October 26, 2009

The First Day of Mid-Term

The kids get this week off school. It's called the Mid-Term Holiday, but I think it should be renamed the Recovering From Colds & British Summer Time Holiday.

It seems like everybody has been ill & the clocks fell back for fall yesterday. We are back on Greenwich Mean Time. It means that it's 9:41 in the morning & it feels like 2 in the afternoon. We've had more than one fight, a broken photo glass, & the four hours of tidiness I experience every day when Cami & Graham are at school will resume next Monday.


Ellen Fehr said...

Theme for our stake conference this weekend was "Be of Good Cheer." Sounds like you can look forward to next week:)

Tricia said...

A big hello right back to cute Ms. Rose (and to you too!). :)

Believe it or not, my favorite half-term memories were spent in Doncaster. (doing genealogy)

Jen said...

I feel ya. You know the way you speak, (write), sounds like a british person. Something about the way you phrase things. I love it!

Lynnea said...

At least there will be happy a Monday Morning (for you at least)!