Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Motherhood Memories

Rose turned 18 months old on Monday. She can now officially be left to cry her heart out for two hours in the church nursery!

With Graham & Cami at school six hours a day, I'm getting to play with her more. For whatever reason, while she was in the bath this morning, I was remembering one of my favorite people. Aaron was three when I met him -- I was fifteen. I loved spinning him in circles or playing "airplane" with him. I thought that's what being a mom was all about. . .making a happy child giggle & scream with happiness.

Motherhood has taught me otherwise. But I took some time to play airplane and chase and peek-a-boo with little Rose today. And she screamed with happiness.


rushton family archives said...

I've learned that at 18 months those cute little babies TURN ON YOU.


Ellen Fehr said...

YAY for Rose and her Mom:)

Marie said...

It's really nice when you can spend some one on one time with your kids like that. I miss my kids all the time. Treasure these moments. I'm sure you do.