Friday, October 2, 2009


A couple of months ago, Jason came to me & said he felt we needed to dedicate some of our time to a cause.

My niece Rebekah, spent a chunk of last summer volunteering at a foster home in China. Orphaned children, all of them in need of medical attention, are taken out orphanages by a lovely woman named Amanda DeLange. She then arranges for their treatment & pays for them to live in Starfish Foster Home. Many of them are then adopted by families outside of China.

I phoned my sister Dawn a few days ago & she mentioned she'd been wanting to talk to me about a project she & Rebekah are trying to get off the ground. Amanda is being honored with a
Distinguished Service Award at BYU Homecoming in a couple weeks and Dawn & Rebekah are trying to figure out how to capitalize on Homecoming to raise funds for Starfish. I suggested a couple of things, which I'll mention later if they look like they will happen.

Anyway, Dawn just posted this link about Amanda on her Facebook account. I still don't know how Jason and I can help, beyond letting people know about the wonderful place that Amanda has created far, far away.

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