Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Day with Darcy

Today is the 10 year anniversary of when I left Temple Square & became a different version of me. If I had thought, "Where will I be 10 years from now?" on that day, my guess wouldn't have been here.

My photos aren't turning out very good. So, if you want to see better shots, watch this.

My friend Sarah & I took a day off. She grew up in Derbyshire & wanted to show me Chatsworth House, or as many people know it, "Pemberley." It's an amazing house with an incredible art collection. I saw the white bust of Darcy. It was on display next to the Veiled Vestal Virgin. "Darcy" is made of resin, the Virgin marble. Both beautiful, but sitting side-by-side, the resin just looked fake & the marble magical.

I'll post more photos later. It's late, I need sleep. But one last shot. This warning stood outside the estate farm. I told Sarah I'm going to print this photo & stick it on my front door. It made us laugh.


rushton family archives said...

I'm so jealous right now.

I watch Pride & Prejudice at least once a month. This month was twice, though. :)

Glad you got a day off!

Tricia said...

I NEED one of those signs!
So great.

Anonymous said...

I'm also at the end of a long day...But-this post makes me super happy. Sounds like a fab day and I love the pic of you.

Amy Donner said...

Great pic of you, Starr!! With each and every picture, I can see more of why you absolutely love living in England. Hugs to all-

Cin said...

Dude! That's fabulous! Turning multiple shades of green as I type!

I find it hilarious that there's a bust of 'Darcy' there. (Is is of Colin Firth? ARE there other Darcies? Can you make 'Darcy' a plural at all?)

Sacto Cat Woman said...

Your pictures are beautiful and I'm feeling very envious. Pemberly! I was in bed with chicken pox at nine and read Pride and Predjudice for the first of many times. It spoiled me for any children's literature.

To visit Darcy's home just as Elizabeth and her Aunt and Uncle did for the first time. Wow!