Friday, October 2, 2009

Parenting Pondering

We had the missionaries over for lunch today. One is from Utah, the other from Bristol. Cami was so excited to show them the pumpkin we found at the fruit & veg shop & which she was already drawing a face on. The British missionary had never heard of carving a pumpkin. When I asked, he said pumpkins were used in soup & to "chuck at people."

This same missionary was very amused watching Rose explore the kitchen tools drawer. It's mostly filled with wooden spoons, the whisk, lemon juicer, etc. But, tucked in the back was the meat tenderizer. He thought it was hilarious when she started wandering around the house with what is essentially a fancy hammer.

It made me realize that Jason and I are pretty relaxed in what we let the kids do at home. And hyper-vigilant in making sure they don't wreak havoc when they are in public. I wonder if that confuses them.


Sacto Cat Woman said...

Sounds like the missionaries got a look at good parenting. When they return home from their missions, marry, and start their own families, they will have a good example to help them raise comfortable children.

pve design said...

Ah, the perils of parenting! I just read an interesting article on allowing children to play with dangerous things - they can learn more than if we protect them from everything. The eskimo children learn to fish and to use knives and to fend early on.

I would have them tenderize all your meat!!! Then prepare the meal and see there efforts on the table.

Jen said...

That is how we are, and I know it confuses them! But I still like them to have a place they can kick back and be themselves.