Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bottom, Center

I took Graham & Rose for a walk to our neighborhood grocery store this morning. When we came back, Cami was awake & sitting at the kitchen table (which is really a breakfast bar). "Mom, guess what! I've got a wobbly tooth!"

I wonder if the tooth fairy recognizes that particularly English description & what she will be leaving if she visits.


Cin said...

Hooray for wobbly teeth! They do have a tooth fairy in England, right? (I'm working from Hogsfather here.) I'm sure she's well versed in the local lingo -- it's those Americanisms that might have thrown her off.

And what a happy birthday present for her father. :)

Amy Donner said...

Yeah!! Kathryn lost her first tooth last Wednesday, on her fifth birthday. Maybe this would be something fun for them to "Skype" about. Perhaps one day next week? Kathryn would LOVE it:)

Jessica said...

Yay Cami! I love the tooth fairy!! I love being a kid, or at least living life again through kids! That's what makes life GREAT!

Love and miss ya!

Sacto Cat Woman said...

Once they start coming out you have to be sure to post pictures of that marvelous smile with the gap.

I think fairies started in England -- that's the point of all of those lovely woods.