Friday, May 8, 2009

Just Call Me Angel in the Morning

Cami has a baby. She/He is white with red markings.

Cami told everyone who would listen about her baby at dance class last night. Then she got me out of bed this morning for a feeding.

Her goldfish is called Angel & I hope she/he lives survives all the love that will soon be neglect.


Marie said...

ahh . . . goldfish. I can remember having a lot of burial's at sea when my kids had fish. THey also had sea monkeys and the worst thing was when my oldest son decided to put his sea monkeys in with his fish and the fish ate them.

Sacto Cat Woman said...

They can live long, you know. Lesley had a goldfish named Finnias -- acquired in San Diego when she was five. He came to Sacramento on the plane in a huge Tupperware container purchased specifically for that purpose (now used to store flour) and actuallly had a personality. He lived to be a fairly old goldfish despite a bowl that was rarely cleaned, a household with two cats, and other assorted indignities.