Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cami the Foodie

Last night we went for a family walk in the woods near our house. When we were coming back, Jason and I spent some time looking at shop windows or real estate adverts. Cami and Graham amused themselves by pretending to have slain a dragon & putting chunks of his body into the various litter bins along the street.

Cami decided to be a proper hunter & honor her kill by eating him. Here's the transcription of her soup recipe in her words (measurements are to taste):

you need
cucumbers &
ice cream!

You cut the dragons into lumps & the goblins. You take the bones out. Then you wash the goblins & the dragons. And then you put them on a tray to put them in the oven. When you take them out of the oven, then you chop them into little squares. And then you cut the fruit up, & the vegetables, after you put the dragons & goblins in the pot. After you cut up the fruit & vegetables, you put the green bits* in the bin. You cut the vegetables into squares, & the fruit. Then you put the fruit & vegetables in the pot. Then you add lots & lots & lots & lots of ice cream! You put it in the stew -- I mean soup. You stir it with a wooden spoon. When you think it's ready, take a silverware spoon & put it in the pot to taste.

*transcriber's note: green bits = leaves


Grandma Jeanne said...

That is a very interesting recipe, Cami! I'm afraid we are fresh out of dragons & goblins here where we live, so we'll take your word for it! I think the part about the ice cream & strawberries sounds like something we could do, and Grandpa Ted always likes ice cream! Thanks for sharing your recipe!

Cin said...

Dear Cami,

I am very much looking forward to eating your dragon soup when I come visit you in July. It sounds very tasty. I can even help you and Graham hunt the dragons and goblins, if you would like. We don't have any goblins here in Georgia, but we do see the occasional dragon.

Aunt Cindy

Cin said...

Dear Cami,

And Theron and Rebekah think your dragon soup recipe is very nice, too. Theron says that he loves dragons so much that he would like to taste a bit of the dragon soup, someday when he sees you again. And Rebekah says the same thing as Theron.
Love, Aunt Cindy, Theron, and Rebekah