Friday, May 15, 2009

I Feel my Hamstrings

I've got less than two months to get ready for a dance festival. I feel like I ought to be scared or jubilant. Instead I'm rather non-plussed. I've got an internal "huh," the sort where you just nod your head thoughtfully & then shelve the emotional response until tomorrow morning.

The reason: I've never done Scottish Country Dancing before. I haven't a drop of Scots blood in me. I've not yet been to Scotland. And I haven't done any sort of country dancing since I was in college. But Cami's teacher needs another body to fill a spot at a competition July 11th. And I'm in.

It helps that I learned to square dance in elementary school. Country dancing uses a lot of the same formations, coupled with ballet-like footwork. As I told one of the women, once I know the steps, I know I'll have fun. It's just a matter of getting everything into my head. Then I can play.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a trip to Scotland is in order. It's really super close. Go to Edinburgh!

Ellen Fehr said...

Yay! You will get to play:)!!